Artful Pose

Of falling leaves and melting
snow, of birds
in their delights
Some poets sing
their melodies
tendering my nights

My pencil halts
and will not go
along that quiet path.
I need to write
of lovers false

and hate
and hateful wrath

-       Maya Angelou

Raised in downtown Brooklyn, New York City, Danielle Faulkner is an emerging and passionate photographer & artist, mainly placing energy on matters of the heart. Whether it deals with political ties, as is evidenced by, A Face of Danger, commenting on the rising racial tensions between local armed forces and people of color. Or with more inner, self attentive and reflective themes as seen in the series’ There Are No Accidents and More Than A Cat.

In both bodies of work, as is the case with all of her work, Ms. Faulkner uses her previous education in clinical psychology as an advantage to better analyze and question the world she was born into, the one she resides in and her place/purpose in it all. There is a continuous unconscious action and desire to transcend the past, thus allowing little to no room for the “quiet path.” The content tends to exhibit itself through the use of, mainly, film, and a digital camera; text, as well as created and found images.

It is specifically this metamorphosis that excites Danielle the most as an artist. Though no matter how daunting it may become, as it certainly was watching myself grow in college at the School of Visual Arts, it is done partially with the hope that one-day that kind of courage will infiltrate her personal and daily life. If the work should simultaneously inspire, comfort or encourage its viewers, it is only more of a blessing and a reason to keep photographing.